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The war in Pundani is over, and Light has become, at long, long last, victorious over Dark. The continent may never recover from having lost two or every three beings living in it, but at least it will have the opportunity to try.

This victory comes at a cost, though, and a significant one at that. Many warriors died the name of protecting the Light, and their bodies and stories are to be shown and celebrated at this year's Grand Galloping Gala. Not least among them will be the memorial of Celestia, Sun Princess of Equestria and Gaia, who died in the final moments of the fight.

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 Crystal Prison (II), Open
 Posted: Feb 24 2013, 05:09 PM
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Clouded vision...why couldn't he think? No energy, no thoughts...so tired...
Raize let out a stream of coughs as he slowly regained consciousness from his comatose state. He felt cold, wet stone as he lay flat upon it, but there was no strength in him to open his eyes. It was all he could do to keep breathing in and out as he heard a faint spluttering from his left...sounded like a mare. Wasn't he travelling with one of those? It was so hard to remember...Emily...Flute? There was only one way to find out. Summoning up his slowly returning energy, Raize rolled over and opened his eyes.

Darkness. That's all he saw at first, as his eyes slowly adjusted to the poor light. He was on some sort of rough, tiled stone floor, obviously pony made, yet the walls of the room boasted gleaming crystals that seemed to reflect a light that wasn't there. Lifting his head up, the thief noticed that the roof was also made up of these strange gemstones, all unified in a purple kind of colour. Strange...they were almost exactly the same shade as Emily's eyes. Raize reached out with his back hoof, experimentally touching one of the gems nearest himself, yelping sharply as a bolt of lightning shot through his body. After the painful jolt had run its course, the wily thief found himself finally able to stand, albeit shakily. Looking over to where Emily had been, the thief saw that she had done much the same.

"Emily? Emily, are you alright?"
The blonde mare whipped her head around, perhaps realizing Raize's presence for the first time.
"Uh...a little tired, to be honest, but everything else is a-okay. Hey, what's the thing in the centre?"

Following her pointed hoof, the thief found himself staring straight into the eyes of a massive wolf, completely encased in the same crystal that was plastered on the walls. Powerful legs, grizzled paws and menacing fangs frozen in a terrifying growl added to the impression that someone had imprisoned this creature in mid-stride. But it was the eyes, oh yes, those golden eyes that really captivated Raize. He had never been one for studying wildlife, but he knew enough to see that the wolf's eyes were not those of a canine, but of a pony, filled with intellect and knowledge.

To be honest, it made him feel a little uneasy.

"A canine companion lying in wait...do you think this is the one we were looking for, Em?"
The young writer trotted curiously around the wolf, coming to rest right in front of where it was facing. With a keen smile, Emily cautiously tapped the crystal around the beast, waiting for a shock that never came. For whatever reason, the material surrounding the wolf was different from that on the walls.

"Doesn't hurt or anything! Kinda cold though. Do you wanna touch it?"
While Raize was hardly anxious to give the teeth-filled monstrosity a stroke, he figured that it couldn't hurt to placate Emily. Trying to put on his confident façade once again, the thief smacked the crystal considerably harder than the writer had. Emily winced, but Raize was quick to put her worries to rest.

"Didn't even scratch it, see? Whatever this thing is made from, it's rock-"
The wily thief paused mid-sentence as, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted another ocular device that really should not have moved.
"Um, Raize, did the wolf just...?"
His curiosity overriding his good sense, Raize put his face closer to the wolf's, staring deep into its eye.
It moved.
The crystal moved.
The ground moved.

Emily hastily grabbed the thief by the hoof, dragging him over to one of the room's corners. The two ponies watched in horror as the prison around the wolf began to crack, giving off an awful screeching while the beast heaved with all its might. After perhaps a minute or so, the only sound left in the room was Emily's breathe, Raize's...and the wolf's.

The thief glanced around, looking for an exit, but there seemed to be no way in or out of the room. Well, unless you counted death by wolf mangling, but Raize certainly wasn't keen on that particular method. Emily kept glancing at him, hoping for some sort of plan, but all he could do was reach for the space where Jack should be and curse that it had disappeared. After sampling the air for a moment, the wolf softly padded towards the terrified ponies. There was nowhere for them to run, after all, so why should he?

Then...something strange happened.
It talked.
Hm...fate bringer and fate breaker, both here after far too long.
It was a booming voice, drenched in authority, though it didn't seem to come from his mouth. Perhaps it was similar to how Minerva talked to him?
"You're not going to eat us, are you?"

The wolf blinked, giving Emily a look that spoke many words. Among them were "Are you serious?" and "Pups these days", though going through them all would take a long time. Canine looks are filled with information.
While a good meal would be heartening after so much time locked away, I do not intend to make it out of you, pup. What are your names?
Feeling a little braver after the wolf's reassurance, Emily perked up to her regular bouncy self.

"Well, my name's Emily Flute, and this is Raize! We came here 'cause of this weird note we found, except it was actually two notes, and then we-"
The beast snatched up the offered notes as Emily rambled on, giving Raize an aside glance filled with...pity?
Enough, pup, I believe I understand the situation. We should leave this cave before I explain further.
Shaking himself, the wolf pushed with all his might against a cave wall, shattering it into oblivion.

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 Posted: Feb 26 2013, 01:03 PM
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Emily gasped, shutting her eyes to block the obscene glow of the morning sun as she stepped outside for what felt like the first time in her life.
Careful, pups. You're no good to me blind.
After a few failed attempts, the young mare finally managed to open her eyes without burning them from her eye sockets, seizing the opportunity to observe her surroundings.

There were certainly elements of the Chrysolite mountains still in places, mostly through the massive rocky peaks that stood proud as ever, but many things had changed. Beautiful crystals seemed to poke out of the cliff face everywhere you looked, but even from a cursory glance Emily could tell that such gemstones would be difficult to extract. Experimentally tapping a hoof on the ground, the blonde writer found it to be some form of gravel like substance, though over to where Raize wobbled she noticed the earth was instead a solid stone.

"Uh, wolf...where are we?"
The great beast sniffed the air, surveying the area with great interest.
It has been a long time, pup, but I believe I still remember the rough map I was shown before. You may have known these as the Chrysolite Mountains once, but in this world they are known as the Crystal Mountains, home to the Crystal Empire.
Emily shot a questioning look to her thieving companion, but he seemed just as confused.

"I'm not exactly a cartographer, but even I would have heard of an empire all the way out here. What aren't you telling us, hm?"
Raize punctuated his statement by directing a piercing glare straight at the wolf, perhaps as some kind of payback for earlier. It merely shrugged.
That is something I will tell you on the road. For now, we must get to a settlement of some kind as soon as possible. I fear the creatures who might seek the hollow would not wish us well.
Emily scanned the skyline, trying to spot the 'settlement' the wolf was referring to. At first she didn't see anything, but if she squinted a little, the writer just managed to make out a small speck on the horizon. From seemingly nowhere, Raize brought out a pair of binoculars.

"Mmhm, though it's not quite how I remember it, seems like that's Ponyville. I'm not sure we're going to make it there in time, though...in fact, I'm not even sure how long it took us to get here in the first place."
The thief turned expectantly to his canine guide, but the beast did not meet his gaze.
Full of questions, the both of you...still, it should not be a problem. If both of you grab on my back, I will try and get us to this Ponyville place as fast as possible while explaining to you in transit. Is that satisfactory?

Although Emily was rather excited to go on a wolf ride, Raize was less than impressed with the idea. Before he could open his mouth to object, however, the bulky canine grabbed both of the smaller ponies, hauling them onto his back.
Hang on tight, pups. This is going to be one bumpy ride.
Without any further warning, the great beast lurched into motion, gradually picking up the pace until he was gliding across the landscape with impressive speed. The blonde writer yelled gleefully, whereas her unicorn companion merely tried to stop his insides from coming out of his mouth.
Now...where to start?

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 Posted: Mar 9 2013, 10:10 AM
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O-okay, I think I'm...nope, still sick as a sailor. Great.
"Come on Raize, open your eyes! It's such a great view!"
By the heavy thudding reverberating through his body, the motion sick thief knew they were still moving...unfortunately.
It seems that your unicorn companion is not getting any better, pup, so I will begin my story while I still have time to tell it.
Raize could only pray for the end as the wolf began his tale.
Try to pay attention, pups.

Long ago, in a land far, far away, lay a small town surrounded by mountains. The civilisation housed a healthy populace, a prominent noble family, and a secretive laboratory built deep into one of the mountains. A group of scientists within the lab performed many a cruel deed, perhaps the least of which was the creation of myself, Chebar.

The individuals in the mountainside sought to create Inukami, a kind of intelligent wolf, with magic similar to that of a unicorn. I do not know what purpose they wished for us, but my guess is for some sort of superiority in a coming war. Whatever the case, through many generations of breeding and magical experimentation, only one Inukami was left; a bitch, pregnant with a litter of pups. However...she was sick, tainted by whatever dark magic they had practised on her, which lead to the deaths of both her...and the litter she carried.

In desperation, one of the scientists went against his orders, grabbing the strongest of the stillborn litter and entering into a dangerous new device which was still in the prototype stages. No one was sure what happened in there, but when they opened the machine later, all they found was a pile of ash...and within it, an Inukami with large golden eyes.

Emily glanced around, trying to gauge how far they had come. The sun was beginning to lay low in the sky, but it seemed like they were around halfway there.
"And that was you?"
Yes, pup, that was how I came to be. After the loss of such a great scientist, despite the gain of exactly that which they have craved, the project was shut down completely. I was cared for by a kindly stallion, a rarity amongst such cruelty, who taught me all I know. It was a simple, but happy, existence.
But...things have this habit of not staying the same.

One day, a great fire surged through the whole town, destroying all who were caught in its wake. Though I was never allowed outside the mountain, the kindly stallion told me that it was punishment for their crimes. And, as if the fire wasn't catastrophic enough, the wisest scientist of the team had stolen their newest project, something called the Chrono Sphere, intending to "reverse all the wrongs they had caused".

The Chrono Sphere was constructed from a collection of crystals from around the town, the properties of which were the scientist's greatest secret. In the event of a pony's death, instead of their soul drifting off into the abyss, it would be sucked into the crystalline mass, keeping them 'alive' as long as the crystal held. In his madness, the elderly scientist sealed himself within the Chrono Sphere, warping the area around it greatly. As time and space began to unravel, the kindly stallion instructed me to seal myself within a crystal prison, one which would preserve my life until I would come to teach the last in a line of nobles...

That would be you, Emily.
The young writer's head swam as she tried to process this new information. A noble...her? Surely not! But if she really was a noble, then...
"What happened to the town?"
It seemed that Raize had finally recovered, holding on somewhat more upright to Chebar's back. His question prompted a small pause while the great wolf was lost in his thoughts.

I do not truly know, pup. If I had to guess, I would estimate that the Chrono Sphere caused the town to be banished from time and space forever, in punishment for their crimes. Only one who was linked to time itself could find the civilisation again...or what is left of it.
"That still doesn't explain where we are, you know."
Chebar directed an annoyed look at Raize.
I was getting to that, pup. Be patient.

It looked like they were almost there. Ponyville...strange, it seemed different to how Emily remembered it.
The cavern I was sealed was no ordinary cave. Though I know not how, the crystals would transfer whomever awakened me to another dimension, along with myself, of course. That is the reason the Crystal Empire now exists, pup, and why you don't fully remember how you got here. You were in a timeline in which you were destined to fail, so you were transferred to one in which your chances are slightly higher than zero. This one, to be exact.

We have arrived.
The two ponies dismounted from Chebar, shaking themselves off from the long ride.
Raize scanned the rather empty looking Ponyville, trying to spot anything amiss.
"What if I don't believe you, wolf?"
Chebar merely shrugged.
Find out for yourself, pup. Those you have known in the previous universe may still exist here, but they will not remember you or your adventures.
It had just occurred to Raize that he hadn't heard from Minerva ever since he'd awoke. Surely she wasn't...gone?

Aw, missing me bro? Colour me surprised.
While her voice sounded a little different, the thief could not mistake the slightly condescending tone of his sister.
Maybe everything would be alright.

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