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The war in Pundani is over, and Light has become, at long, long last, victorious over Dark. The continent may never recover from having lost two or every three beings living in it, but at least it will have the opportunity to try.

This victory comes at a cost, though, and a significant one at that. Many warriors died the name of protecting the Light, and their bodies and stories are to be shown and celebrated at this year's Grand Galloping Gala. Not least among them will be the memorial of Celestia, Sun Princess of Equestria and Gaia, who died in the final moments of the fight.

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Weather: Warm and sunny, but with a peculiar sort of silence to the air
Date: September Tenth, 5150
Current Events: The Grand Galloping Gala
Description: This biannual event was always intended to be one of celebration and delight, even if politics and stodginess did often get in the way. But this year, there is no doubt that the very nature of the Gala has been irrevocably altered. Begun by Princess Celestia after her Sister's banishment, now the Gala is being continued by Princess Luna after Celestia's death.
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 Cbox Guideline Discussion
 Posted: Mar 18 2013, 04:54 PM
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Now then, I believe we have all seen the recent conflicts in the Cbox and I rather hope that we all want to prevent such conflicts in the future. So, upon the advice of various personages in the Cbox I am creating this thread so that all those who are concerned can discuss and come to a conclusion on a list of guidelines for the Cbox to help encourage cooperation and avoid conflict. Should Vees give her approval to this then it will be made official, but for now it is unofficial.

I hope we can all approach this in a mature and professional manner. That is all.
 Posted: Mar 18 2013, 05:09 PM
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If the discussion of how punishment should be carried, let me propose the following: Depending on the severity of the subject, the one to be punished will be suspended from Cbox for 1 hour x the number of members who confirm that the subject offended them or made them uncomfortable.

If the members desire to forgive the offender, the punishment must be lifted and just a verbal warning needs to be carried. All in all, I advise subjects of Cbox should not result in forum account strikes/warning, due to how easy it is to get caught in a touchy subject and accidentally offend in Cbox.

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 Posted: Mar 18 2013, 05:32 PM
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Well I'll start off with a few suggestions. Right now I'll just be setting out rules, and no specific punishments.

1) Personal attacks and insulting other players will not be tolerated.

2)While criticism of other players characters can be helpful, it does more harm then good if offered incorrectly. If a player asks for you to stop criticism of their characters, choices, plot threads, etc. then keep your opinions to yourself.

3) "Not Safe For Work" links should always be marked as such

4) Complaints on Player behavior should be clear and given kindly. Players should not seek to escalate a situation or argument.

5) OOC Conflicts are to be kept out of the chat box. If a player want to try and work something out with another charecter than that is fine. However that can be done over private message, skype, or even a thread with quick replies.

6)While disagreements are fine and debate should not be squashed, things should be kept civil. Again, overt aggression, insults, and and personal attacks are not okay.


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