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The war in Pundani is over, and Light has become, at long, long last, victorious over Dark. The continent may never recover from having lost two or every three beings living in it, but at least it will have the opportunity to try.

This victory comes at a cost, though, and a significant one at that. Many warriors died the name of protecting the Light, and their bodies and stories are to be shown and celebrated at this year's Grand Galloping Gala. Not least among them will be the memorial of Celestia, Sun Princess of Equestria and Gaia, who died in the final moments of the fight.

Equestrian Legends is shutting down. Please read more about this decision here.

Equestrian Legends Redux is a reboot of a popular MLPFIM roleplaying forum. We offer an extremely detailed sandbox world, a low minimum wordcount of 100, and a rapidly moving, far reaching plot. While you are just as welcome to play slice of life threads here, and they are encouraged between plot events, please know that Redux is very story driven, and considerably darker than the show.

Weather: Warm and sunny, but with a peculiar sort of silence to the air
Date: September Tenth, 5150
Current Events: The Grand Galloping Gala
Description: This biannual event was always intended to be one of celebration and delight, even if politics and stodginess did often get in the way. But this year, there is no doubt that the very nature of the Gala has been irrevocably altered. Begun by Princess Celestia after her Sister's banishment, now the Gala is being continued by Princess Luna after Celestia's death.
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Vergess Posted on Mar 23 2013, 09:32 AM
I assume by now most of you have heard that the War With Apep will be our last event on this site.

If you have not, then I apologize for the suddenness of this announcement. However, I cannot continue running Redux. We have made a good effort of it, and while I will admit that many of my problems come, eventually, down to personnel, I do not regret having met and made friends with all of you.

I do regret that I have not been strong enough to maintain my composure and continue running this game. However, if has become increasingly difficult over time, and I think you all know what I mean when I say that lately we have all begun to hate eachother for overexposure to eachothers ways.

A few people have come to me since last night, trying to apologize or asking if they were the final straw, or so forth. I want to emphasize that this shut down is not your fault. The only person who can be held accountable for it is me.

If you are planning to try and convince me to change my mind, I ask that you kindly refrain.

And I know it does not mean much, at this point. I understand that. However, I want to wish you all a happy anniversary. We made it through an entire year together, and I have never had a better one. That I have never had a more exhausting one does not change the fact that you all altered my very sense of self for the better, in the end.

So thank you for coming on this adventure with me.

As promised, to those who joined in the early days last year, we will be hosting a Grand Galloping Gala, if you wish to attend. The thread will go up in Canterlot today.

This will be our last through in the game, so I suggest that we make it a good one.

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